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    January 23rd, 2015admin39Games

    News from TIME:

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    News from GameDev.net:

    TL; DR version of my Hardware-junkie leetspeak below: 

    If you want to buy a new monitor with your new computer, or want to go with a laptop, look for the following:

    - IPS (or VA) Panel, avoid TN like the plague

    - Read reviews (tftcentral.co.uk for example) before byuing a screen, maybe skip to the conclusion if the review is too technical

    - you don’t need a 10bit panel, 8bit is quite fine (if you don’t know what I am talking about, don’t get a pro monitor for over 1000$ bucks… most probably you pay for a 10bit panel)

    If you want the full version (no spoiler tags on this forum? couldn’t find any):

    Not sure if applies in the country you live as well but if you consider a laptop (bad idea beside mobility imo) , you can look for a (preferably just one) previous generation of Core i5s or i7s as they are priced lower than latest gen.

    On a desktop, I think a decent IPS monitor is must, all others are rather easier to upgrade in time , monitors aren’t.

    continues on GameDev.net

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    January 22nd, 2015admin39Games

    News from GameSpot:

    Image credit: CNET

    On Wednesday during a Windows 10 event, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer revealed that the newest PC operating system will support Xbox One game streaming later this year.

    “Wouldn’t it be great if we could play those [Xbox One games] anywhere in the house?” Spencer said.

    Windows 10 will allow game streaming to Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Right now, it doesn’t look like the streaming functionality will work on Windows Phones,……………. continues on GameSpot

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    News from sort of – in Pong-like computer game celebrating … – OregonLive.com:

    I’m not a video game fan. Never have been. I see an ad for a video game, or kids talking about a video game, and I morph into a crotchety old man: “Go outside! Check out the real world! Just stay off my lawn!”

    So when I was sent info last week on  a new computer game “built to celebrate the start of the Australian Open,” I let it sit in my in-box. A tennis computer game? Who cares!

    But finally, perhaps inevitably, I tried the game. It’s really basic. No bells and whistles. You could even call it dumb.

    Which is why I kind of liked it. The game’s creators trumpet its “cool retro 90s game feel,” but it actually reminded me of the one and only video game I ever tried, back when I was in elementary school: the classic 1970s arcade game Pong.

    So if you find yourself in front of the TV this weekend, getting frustrated waiting for Rafa to stop twitching and serve the ball, I suggest you try calming yourself down with this little

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    Kearse, on the first drive of overtime, caught a 35-yard touchdown from Russell Wilson to give the Seahawks their second straight NFC title. The Seahawks, wh…
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    December 26th, 2014admin39Online Games

    News from Fox News:

    Published December 26, 2014

    Microsoft online game network Xbox Live was back up on Friday after an after an apparent hack while Sony’s Playstation Network remains down.

    The two services were offline much of Christmas Day in an apparent denial of service attack, USA Today reported.

    Sony’s PlayStation Twitter account said the company was looking into the outages Christmas morning, but the network still appeared down as of Friday morning.

    Reuters reports that a Microsoft website that keeps……………. continues on Fox News

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    News from SB Nation:

    Can Rutgers build on its surprise season? And can UNC salvage something from a disappointing year?

    The Quick Lane Bowl, back when it was the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl, used to be a fringe bowl game that held a Big Ten team every few years when the conference had enough teams to fill out their bowl lineup. No longer. The bowl at Ford Field has stepped up its game (a little) and will now host teams from the Big Ten and the ACC.

    This year, it’s Big Ten newbie Rutgers and sometimes good, sometimes terrible North Carolina, which has been puzzling to figure out this season. The Scarlet Knights were a surprise this season, going 7-5 in their first year in the Big Ten, while the Tar Heels were all over the map, beating both Georgia Tech and Duke, and getting blown out by East Carolina and NC State.

    This might not be the biggest matchup of bowl season, but given the 2014 that both of these teams have had, it’s impossible to know what will happen. That’s reason enough to tune i……………. continues on SB Nation

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    June 5th, 2014admin39Games

    News from GameSpot:

    by Eddie Makuch

    Microsoft today released new PC drivers for the Xbox One controller, meaning you’re now able to use your console controller to play computer games. The drivers are expected to launch widely through a Windows update in the “near future,” but you can download them today via the direct links below, courtesy of

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    News from Gotta Be Mobile:

    Starting today, PC gamers can plug in an Xbox One controller and use it as a joystick and controller pad replacement.

    Microsoft announced the Xbox One controller’s PC drives earlier today, making good on a promise it made just before the Xbox One’s launch.

    When Microsoft made that promise some PC users feared that Microsoft would use the demand for a PC compatible Xbox One controller to push accessory sales. That fear turns out to be completely unfounded. Users will only need the software package posted to the MajorNelson website and a microUSB cable to get the Xbox One controller working on their PC.

    The company is also doing the right thing by gamers when it comes to device compatibility. Microsoft says it worked to make sure that any game that was compatible with the PC Xbox 360 contro……………. continues on Gotta Be Mobile

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    December 4th, 2013admin39Games

    News from GameSpot:

    by Martin Gaston

    PC hardware manufacturer Nvidia says the PC is “far superior” to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as a gaming platform, and that small form-……………. continues on GameSpot

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    News from Pasadena Star-News:

    Researchers Spiros Michalakis, left and Alex Kubica at Caltech Monday, November 4, 2013, have developed qCraft, a version of the video game Minecraft. Using the game´s basic premise of building a universe from blocks, Spiros Michalakis came up with the idea to include an educational tool to teach quantum mechanics. Walt Mancini — Staff photographer

    PASADENA >> A team of Caltech researchers has mined pop culture to create a new computer game that connects with youngsters who put up a wall between them and learning quantum mechanics.

    The researchers joined game developers from E-Line Media and MineCraftEdu to develope “qCraft.” The Google-funded project takes the world of the popular game “Minecraft” and injects it with lessons on quantum mechanics, the physics that governs the behavior of matter and light at both the atomic and subatomic scale.

    “This is a game, so when you get into it, you’re learning something, you’re not just playing,” said Spyridon Michalakis, staff researcher and manager of outreach for Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter.

    “You learn painl……………. continues on Pasadena Star-News

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    November 7th, 2012admin39Mobile Games

    News from ReadWriteWeb:


    A Microsoft ‘Xbox Surface’ Tablet Could Bridge PC-Mobile-Console Gaming

    Microsoft is reportedly building its own “Xbox Surface” gaming tablet, which could give the company a true mobile gaming strategy.

    Microsoft officials declined to comment, but the rumored 7-inch tablet could incorporate a custom ARM processor as well as “high-bandwidth RAM suitable for gaming tasks,” The Verge reported o……………. continues on ReadWriteWeb

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    News from The Huntsville Times – al.com:

    By Andrew Gribble | agribble@al.com al.com

    on November 06, 2012 at 8:01 PM, updated November 06, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    Alabama linebacker Nico Johnson hits Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson after he released the ball and is called for the penalty in the third quarter at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012. (The Birmingham News/ Mark Almond)

    TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — With no offense intended, Alabama coach Nick Saban made it abundantly clear Monday that Blake Sims — or whoever else plays the role……………. continues on The Huntsville Times – al.com

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    Gearbox releases Borderlands for iOS, mobile games continue to dominate market
    While mobile games are generally a hit with consumers, the core gaming market fears the profitability of mobile games may make more complicated and more involved PC titles less desirable for developers. Indeed, others argue that as developers scramble …
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    August 28th, 2012admin39Games

    News from Computerandvideogames.com:

    Microsoft has taken its time to introduce free-to-play gaming on Xbox 360, but that’s soon to change.

    Happy Wars The platform holder plans to publish Japanese studio Toylogic’s online brawler Happy Wars as its first free-to-play game later this year, followed by action-RPG Ascend: New Gods from Toy Soldiers maker Signal Studios.

    Both will be available free of charge to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but they’ll “leverage the Microsoft Points system” through microtransactions.

    “We’re always looking at ways to push the boundaries of the console and our digital platform,” a Microsoft spokesperson told our friends at

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    May 9th, 2012admin39Games

    News from Computerandvideogames.com:

    Mojang’s Minecraft has whipped PC gamers up into a mad frenzy over the last year and a bit.

    While keyboard warriors have been enjoying making elaborate, awe-inspiring constructions, battling creepers in the dead of night and trolling fellow crafters, console owners have had to wait patiently for the arrival of 4J Studios’ Xbox 360 Edition. Well, the wait is over, and the game is great. Rejoice!

    Here’s what we said in our Minecraft: Xbox 360 review: “Whether you’re mining, crafting, building, or fighting – either alone, or with friends – there’s nothing quite like Minecraft. An accomplished, streamlined port that’s a perfect fit for Xbox 360.” We gave it an impressive 9.0.

    Other criti……………. continues on Computerandvideogames.com

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    News from KCRG:

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – For months state leaders have debated on what Iowa should be doing to reform education. Lawmakers have tried to find a plan that will improve student learning and college preparation. But some Eastern Iowa schools have started offering specialized classes that cater to the interests of students.

    At Cedar Rapids Washington, Jefferson and Kennedy, one business class is doing just that. It’s called “Video Game Marketing and Design” and it has students piling into the classroom to learn more. It could be because for an hour a day, class work seems less of a task and more like entertainment. “As soon as I heard there was a game development class, I just really wanted to get into that,” said Bryce Korazio, a Sophomore at Cedar Rapids Washington. The class had such a strong interest, the schools ended up offering it at more times than they originally planned.

    The title of the class is what drew many students in. “I basically did it for the video game aspect because I love playing video games but the advertising aspect kind of also appealed to me,” said Chase Deshaw, a Freshman at Cedar Rapids Washington. But once learning was underway many realized it was……………. continues on KCRG

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    April 29th, 2012admin39Games

    News from Cosmic Book News – Comics:

    One thing about this game that had me worried was whether it was going to be another Dead Rising — which I find utterly boring!

    Or if it was going to be another dull arse shooter game.

    Well, I downloaded the demo and played for a bit — and it seems to be really cool!

    Actually the game seems more like an RPG than a shooter.

    I’m not a gamer, but the controls are new to me. You walk with one of the sticks and use the other stick for your actions. And what’s cool about the game is you choose how your story proceeds and how you interact with other people. And I think the game “remembers” what you do because a message will pop up noting just that. So what you say and do might come into play later: like when you talk to a cop and tell him who you are. continues on Cosmic Book News – Comics

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    News from Mirror.co.uk:

    London 2012 will put up 1.4million tickets for the Olympic football tournament on sale this week

    Gold rush: You can buy tickets to see the GB Olympic football teams on Monday


    London 2012 will put 1.4million tickets for the Olympic football tournament on sale this morning with organisers confident the problems which struck the system in January have been solved.

    No Olympic tickets have been on sale since the re-sale of unwanted tickets was suspended in January after serious issues with the Ticketmaster computer system.

    The technology has been worked on since and tested – the testing process was the reason given for the football ticket sale not coinciding with last Tuesday’s draw – and organisers say the system can now sell up to 250,000 tickets an hour.

    The sales window will open at 11am tomorrow and close at 11pm on Sunday, May 6. Tickets will be available for all but five matches: Great Britain men v Uruguay, the men’s quarter-final and semi-final at Wembley, and the m……………. continues on Mirror.co.uk

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    April 20th, 2012admin39Mobile Games

    News from CNET:

    There once was a time when mobile platforms never had a chance of matching game consoles. That’s about to change, says chipmaker Nvidia.

    by Don Reisinger April 20, 2012 5:42 AM PDT

    Infinity Blade Dungeons on display at the new iPad unveiling.

    (Credit: CNET)

    For now, mobile devices still can’t match game consoles in graphics quality. Nvidia thinks that could change, and soon.

    The company last night sent over a slide to enthusiast site Anandtech charting the graphics performance progress across the console, PC, and mobile markets. And although PCs will continue to stand above the fray, Nvidia believes that by 2014, mobile system-on-a-chip (SoC) GPUs will offer better graphics performance than does the <……………. continues on CNET

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    News from VentureBeat:

    Online casino games are hot. So much so that we’re renaming our site Casino GamesBeat. Just kidding, but The United States Playing Card Company (owner of the Bicycle playing card brand) and Digi117 aren’t. Those two companies are partnering to form Zeniz, a mobile social casino game platform.

    Together, they will launch the Zeniz Social Casino platform for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android this spring. Casino games are the rage, according to a first-quarter acquisition and investments report by Digi-Capital. Just yesterday, Playsino announced it had raised $ 1.5 million.

    The United States Playing Card Company is based in Erlanger, Kentucky, and is a subsidiary of Jarden. Vancouver, Canada-based Digi117 is a mobile strategy agency. Their Zeniz Social Casino will operate under a freemium model, where you can play casino games for free and pay real money for virt……………. continues on VentureBeat

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    Mini Word Search! Makes Word Puzzle Excitement More Mobile
    Selectsoft, a California-based developer of family-friendly games, has released Mini Word Search!, an on-the-go word search game for iPhone® and Android™ phones. Mini Word Search! is a fun mobile word puzzle game filled with over 1000 words, …
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